Future Roadworks Detailed

Future Roadworks Detailed

Look out for regular updates on future roadworks to hit the village here on our website and social media channels. 

We have pulled together dates for planned roadworks in the village over the next 3 months from the Essex Highways Live Traffic map.

The map features roadworks that have either been granted permits (or requests have been made for one) over 2-, 3- and 12-month timelines. 

This post will be the first of a regular monthly update on future roadworks planned for the village and is up to date at the time of publishing.  

We would like to stress the Parish Council does not sign off on planning roadworks, nor are we consulted by Essex Highways or utility providers. We cannot be held responsible for any changes to this schedule. 

Future Roadworks

Until Feb 8 Bury Lodge Lane Traffic Control                     Electrical Network Co Ltd

jan 22- 24 Church Rd Traffic Signals                                      Gigaclear

jan 22- 24 Chapel Hill Some highways incursion                 Gigaclear

jan 22- 24 St John Rd Some highways incursion                   Gigaclear

jan 23- 25 Bentfield Rd Some highways incursion               Gigaclear

Jan 23 – 26 Long Croft Traffic Control                                     Cadent

Feb 12 – 16 Bury Lodge Lane 5 day closure                            Electrical Network Co Ltd

Feb 22 – Mar 12 Forest Hall Rd Traffic Signals                     Affinity Water

Feb 28 – Mar 1 Church Rd – Lower Street Road Closure (patching work) Essex County Council

Mar 1 – 21 Mar Church Rd (nr Bury Lodge Lane) Traffic Control Electrical Network Co Ltd

Mar 25 – Apri 8 Stansted Rd Traffic Control                Electrical Network Co Ltd

Aprl 9 – 17 Forest Hall Rd Traffic Control                     Electrical Network Co Ltd

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The Essex Highways Live Traffic map is regularly updated and is the definitive source of where and when roadworks are scheduled in our area. 

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  1. This amount of road works is absolutely ridiculous lve had enough of it every time I go out,will affinity water put the grass verges right after diverting all traffic to forest hall road and walson way it’s disgusting

  2. We are all fed up with the constant road work going on in Stansted it’s one after the other or multiple at the same time.There must be some brain dead people running the show

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