The Rec to Remain Shut

The Rec to Remain Shut

A ground survey report commissioned by the Parish Council a couple of weeks ago has been unable to arrive at a definitive conclusion on the significance or cause of the sinkhole at the Recreation Ground.

Now a ground penetrating radar survey is required to discover whether the holes — a couple have also been reported at the nearby bowls club — just need a simple filling in or if they are a sign of a wider ground problem.

Our site investigators, HESI, have advised the Parish Council that the Rec should remain closed until this more comprehensive survey is complete. Further measures have been taken to tape and fence off entrances to this area.

We understand the Recreation Ground is a highly valued public open space, but ask for your co-operation in avoiding the Rec until it has been declared safe for public use.

A suitably qualified contractor is being sought to undertake the needed survey.