Reeve Road Hedge Cutting

Reeve Road Hedge Cutting

Our gardening contractor plans to be at Reeve Road over the next few days to cut some of the hedging in the area.

The long runs of Hypericum that line the open spaces adjacent to properties on Reeve Road have been affected by the cold, wet winter.

GWB expect that by cutting back dying / dead patches, the hedging will revive.

They will also be tackling brambles and weeds in the hedge line.

Hedge, Borders & Litter Removal

On GWB’s to-do list are the following jobs:

  • Shrubs to be cut to approx 30cm above ground level. Previously unreachable bramble roots to be dug
  • out and/or treated to prevent regrowth. Exposed weeds throughout to be removed
  • Inorganic and organic waste to be collected and removed from site.
  • Border edge to be defined and left neat and tidy

The work is happening sooner than planned. GWB are using the wet weather (when other work is not possible) to tackle Reeve Road’s hedges instead.