Fencing at the Rec

Fencing at the Rec

Tenders have been submitted to the Parish Council for survey work to assess the stability of ground at The Rec. As for when this public space could reopen to the public — it is certainly looking to be weeks, rather than days before this can happen.

Three tenders to complete a ground-penetrating radar survey to assess the sink hole (and the surrounding area) at the Recreation Ground have now been submitted to the Parish Council.
Other than cost and experience, we will also be weighing up how quickly a contractor can survey the Rec, when choosing which one to go with.

How long will the Rec be closed?

With one firm indicating it can take 10 days to review survey data and report back to us, the Rec is likely to remain closed to the public for several weeks. Its re-opening will ultimately be determined by the report’s findings.

Why is the Rec shut?

The Rec remains closed because site investigators raised concerns about the stability of the ground covering a wider area than just a single sink hole. The specialist surveyor HESI recommended a more thorough inspection be undertaken before this space can be re-opened to the public.

Isn’t the closure an overreaction?

The Parish Council has a duty to protect the public from harm caused by use of the open spaces under their responsibility. The report’s recommendations left the Parish Council with no choice but to continue to restrict access to this area of the village.

Fencing at the Rec

It is impractical to put a barrier around the entire Recreation Ground, but we have tried in the interest of public safety to fence off its main access points since last Friday. We would ask you to refrain from forcing entry onto the ground at these points.

Future Updates

We understand the Recreation Ground is very popular with residents. That’s why we are working hard to remove the barriers as soon as possible. We will put up weekly posts here updating you on the steps being taken to resolve this matter. Once again, we thank you for your understanding.