Night flights: Have Your Say Before May 22

Night flights: Have Your Say Before May 22

We are asking residents to consider taking part in a public consultation about night flights over Stansted Mountfitchet.

The consultation has already begun but there is till time to let the government know whether there should continue to be limits on the frequency of night flights at Stansted Airport before the consultation ends on 22nd May 2024.


Night Flights at Stansted Airport

There have been controls at Stansted in some shape or form since 1978.

Every three and five years the Department for Transport (DfT) decides how restrictions on night flights will work.

Before they do so, they conduct a public consultation. Their latest one seeks your views on their draft Noise Action Plan 2024-2028.

Your comments will play a part in how the government will manage night flights at Stansted from October 2025 until October 2028.


Three Proposals

The consultation lays out three alternative proposals:

Option 1 Removing restrictions on the number of Stansted night flights and the permitted aggregate night noise level* in October 2026.

Option 2 Removing controls on the number of Stansted night flights in October 2025, whilst maintaining the controls on the permitted aggregate night noise level.

Option 3 Keeping the existing night control regime in place

The night flight regimes are also under review at Heathrow and Gatwick. However only at Stansted are significant changes to the status quo (see table below) proposed.


Currently Permitted Night flights at Stansted Airport

Season         Movement   (flight) Limit             Noise Quota Count

Winter           5,600                                                           3,310

Summer       8,100                                                            4,650

Quota Count: This refers to a defined annual limit on flights deemed to be particularly noise polluting that can take off or land at night time hours. The aggregate noise level refers to a threshold that night lights cannot exceed


It is Option 3 for us!

Our Parish Councillors met at a Full Council last week to settle on a position on night flights.

They voted unanimously for Option 3.

Parish Councillors acknowledged the airport brings employment and business to Stansted but also believed it unwise to loosen regulations until proof is in hand night flights are safer than feared.

That evidence may come in 2025 when an important study on the health impacts of night flights is to be published.


Opposition to any increase

Until such information is to hand, SMPC’s position remains unchanged from when we submitted comments in September 2023 to the Department for Transport.

Back then we called for action on night flights:

  • A ban on the noisiest aircraft day or night as proposed by the government in 2021 within five years
  • A clear commitment to reduce each year for the next five years the number of households…adversely affected by aircraft noise
  • To publish quantified measurable noise reduction targets with timescales
  • Engage with the local community to discuss the feasibility of reducing night flights

Search Noise Action Plan Consultation 2023 on this website to read a full record of our comments.


How to have your say before 22 May

Respond online:

or complete a response form available at

and either email to:

Write to:

Night Flights consultation

Airport Policy – 4th Floor

Great Minster House

33 Horseferry Road

London SW1P 4DR


Fond out more

You can read more about how night flights are currently controlled at Stansted Airport by heading to our explainer article: Night Flights – What’s the Problem?