Future Roadworks Update – 19th February

Future Roadworks Update – 19th February

Three sets of roadworks will hit Church Road over the coming months.

As promised, the Stansted Mountfitchet Parish Council are continuing to post updates on future roadworks that directly affect the village.

We are also posting weekly updates on our social media channels on Facebook, X and instagram.

The information listed here has been sourced the Essex Highways Live Traffic map.

The map features roadworks that have either been granted permits or Essex Highways have received a request for a permit. 

We would like to stress the Parish Council does not sign off on planning roadworks, nor are we consulted by Essex Highways or utility providers.

We cannot be held responsible for any changes to this schedule. 


Future Roadworks

Feb 17-25               Church Rd                                                Road Closure             Affinity Water

Feb 22                    Stansted Rd (towards Elsenham)   Traffic Signals           Essex Highways

Feb 27-29              Forest Hall Rd                                         Traffic Signals           Gigaclear

Feb 28-Mar1         Church Rd                                                Road Closure             Essex Highways

Mar 1-21                 Church Rd (nr Bury Lodge Lane)    Traffic Signals           Electrical Network

Mar 4-17                Forest Hall Rd/Tot Lane                      Traffic Signals            Affinity Water

Aprl 9-17                Forest Hall Rd                                         Traffic Signals             Electrical Network

May 6-24               Bury Lodge Lane                                    Traffic Signals             Electrical Network

May 6-24               Church Rd                                                 Traffic Signals              Electrical Network

May 27-June 24  Gipsy Lane                                                 Road Closure                Hertfordshire CC

Find out more

The Essex Highways Live Traffic map is regularly updated and is the definitive source of where and when roadworks are scheduled in our area. 

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