Grove Hill Water Leak Correspondence

Grove Hill Water Leak Correspondence

Here you will find a series of correspondence between the Parish Council, local MP Kemi Badenoch and the utility company Affinity Water.

Letter from Affinity Water to MP Kemi Badenoch
& Essex County Cllr Ray Gooding
– 8 May 2024

Good afternoon Ms Badenoch,

Thank you for highlighting the on-going water flowing from a drain in Grove Hill, Stansted on behalf of your constituents.

The following information has been shared via email today and we will liaise with Councillor Gooding when we have the sample results:

Dear Cllr Gooding,
Thank you for reaching out regarding the leak issue at Grove Hill, as highlighted by Kemi Badenoch MP.
From our recent actions, I can confirm that we are actively investigating the problem highlighted by the residents of Stansted. Last Thursday, a detailed ID sample was taken by our Technicians to determine whether the water originates from our network. The results are still pending, and we are closely monitoring this to ensure a swift response.
It is important to note that the persistent water surfacing issue, especially near one gulley, might not solely be linked to a leak from our infrastructure. Our observations, corroborated by local feedback, suggest that blocked gulleys downhill by the traffic lights, filled with debris such as tarmac, are a significant contributor to the reported water surfacing. Despite our efforts in reporting these blockages, the necessary cleaning has not been effectively carried out.
Previously, similar issues in this vicinity were addressed by our team members, where a repair was conducted approximately 500 meters from the current trouble spot. We believe the recurring water surfacing might be exacerbated by these unaddressed blockages in the gulleys.
We will stay in direct contact with you to discuss a comprehensive strategy that addresses both the potential leaks and the drainage issues. I assure you that our team is committed to collaborating closely with local authorities to ensure a thorough and lasting resolution to this matter.
I will ensure you are updated as soon as we have further information or once the ID sample results are returned.
Please let me know if you need any additional details or if there’s anything else we can assist with in the interim.
Kind regards,
 Alex Hayton
Head of Operations – Network and Production
Customer Delivery’

Letter from MP Kemi Badenoch to Parish Council
& Clerk – 7 May 2024

Dear Maureen and Ruth

Thank you for your email regarding the on-going leak on Grove Hill. Ray (cc’d in) has been keeping me posted with developments and I understand he continues to work to secure a resolution in light of the concerns being raised locally.

I will, of course, raise directly with Affinity Water and will be back in touch as soon as I receive a response.

Kind regards

Kemi Badenoch MP for Saffron Walden

Letter from Parish Council Chair to MP Kemi Badenoch
– 2 May 2024

Dear Kemi,

I hope this finds you well. I’m writing on behalf of the Council to seek your urgent help to resolve a major issue in the village about which we have already contacted you. The water leak on Grove Hill which is causing serious problems to residents living along the road as well as to drivers who have to use this route. (It is also a bus route).

In brief, there has been a water leak for around 10 months and the residents say that this started following some remedial works undertaken to the surfacing by Essex Highways. At least two properties have reported damp to us and the lady who lives in the closest house has suffered damage to her vehicle also.

County Cllr Ray Gooding has been trying to get a joint meeting arranged as it is the view of Essex Highways that the leak (the source of which has not yet been identified) must be an issue for Affinity Water, but they say they have tested the water, and it is not coming from “their” source. Local residents maintain that the issue has been exacerbated due to blocked drains/gulleys where they can see rubble and old tarmac sitting (see also below a very recent social media post!)

Cllr Gooding visited the site earlier this week with an Essex Highways officer, and we understand that plans are afoot to clear the drains, but Affinity Water are still not engaging with Cllr Gooding to get a multi-agency meeting.

Could we please ask you to use your best endeavours to contact Affinity Water and persuade them to engage with Essex Highways as a matter of urgency.

Just last night we heard that the road surface had disintegrated across its whole width – cars are being damaged. The residents are taking it upon themselves to try to fill in the potholes with tarmac, but the constantly flowing water is washing it away again.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With thanks,

Maureen Caton Chair of the Parish Council – 2 May 2024