Zero Carbon Part-Night Lighting Trial Autumn 2023

Finance & General Purposes Uploaded on September 14, 2023

It is the Parish Council’s plan to convert its lighting stock to more energy efficient and cheaper-to-run LED lights. This process is already well underway. Autumn will see more lights changed to LED and fitted with timers. Once done, a part-night lighting trial will start in October.

For the three-month duration of the trial, 88 street lights will be turned off after midnight until 5am each night. A further 7 will be taken out of service (decommissioned). The remaining 149 will remain lit throughout the night.

Once the trial has ended a review will be undertaken to assess the effectiveness of the scheme as it is currently constructed.

You can use the list below to see which lights in your area will switch to part-night lighting for the trial. Next to each street name is the code displayed on each individual light. Unless indicated, lights will remain on all night through the trial.

List of Street Lights

Alderbury Road AR1 – PART-NIGHT

Alderbury Road AR2 – PART-NIGHT

Bentfield Causeway BC1

Bentfield Causeway BC2 – PART-NIGHT

Bentfield Causeway BC3

Bentfield Causeway BC4 – PART-NIGHT

Bentfield Causeway BC5

Bentfield Green BG1

Bentfield Green BG2

Bentfield Green BG3

Bentfield Green BG4 – PART-NIGHT

Bentfield Green BG12 – PART-NIGHT

Bentfield Green BG5

Bentfield Green BG6 – PART-NIGHT

Bentfield Upper Green BU1

Bentfield Road BR2

Bentfield Road BR3 – PART-NIGHT

Bentfield Road BR4

Bentfield Road BR5 – PART-NIGHT

Bentfield Road BR6

Bentfield Road BR7 – PART-NIGHT

Bentfield Road BR8

Blythwood Gardens BW1

Blythwood Gardens BW2 – PART-NIGHT

Blythwood Gardens BW3

Blythwood Gardens BW4 – PART-NIGHT

Blythwood Gardens BW5

Blythwood Gardens BW6

Blythwood Gardens BW7 – PART-NIGHT

Blythwood Gardens BW8

Brewery Lane BL1

Brewery Lane BL2 – PART-NIGHT

Brewery Lane BL3

Brook Road BK1

Brook Road BK2

Burnell’s Way BN1

Burnell’s Way BN2

Burnell’s Way Footpath BN3

Cannon’s Mead CM1

Cannon’s Mead CM2 – PART-NIGHT

Cannon’s Mead CM3

Cannon’s Mead CM4 – PART-NIGHT

Cannon’s Mead CM5

Chapel Hill CH1

Chapel Hill CH2

Chapel Hill CH3

Chapel Hill CH4

Chapel Hill CH5

Chapel Hill CH6

Chapel Hill CH7

Chapel Hill CH8

Chapel Hill CH9

Chapel Hill CH10

Chapel Hill CH11

Chapel Hill CH12

Chapel Hill CH13

Chapel Hill CH14

Chapel Hill CH15

Chapel Hill CH16

Chapel Hill CH17

Church Road CR8 – PART-NIGHT


Church Road CR10

Church Road CR11

Church Road CR12

Church Road CR13

Church Road CR26

Church Road CR27

Church Road CR28

Church Road CR29

Church Road CR30

Clarence Road CA1

Coltsfield CO11 – PART-NIGHT

Croasdaile Rd CD1

Croasdaile Rd CD2 – PART-NIGHT

Croasdaile Rd CD3

Croasdaile Rd CD4 – PART-NIGHT

Croasdaile Rd CD5

Croasdaile Rd CD6

Croasdaile Rd CD7 – PART-NIGHT

Croasdaile Rd CD8

Dove Close DC1 – PART-NIGHT

Greenfields GF1 – PART-NIGHT

Greenfields GF2 – PART-NIGHT

Grove Hill GH1

Grove Hill GH2

Grove Hill GH3

Grove Hill GH4 – PART-NIGHT

Grove Hill GH5 – PART-NIGHT

Grove Hill GH6 – PART-NIGHT

High Lane HL1

High Lane P10

High Lane 12

High Lane P93

High Lane P92

High Lane P159

Highmead HM1 – PART-NIGHT

Lower Street LR1 – PART-NIGHT

Lower Street SP2 – PART-NIGHT

Lower Street LS3

Lower Street LS4

Lower Street LS5

Lower Street LS6

Lower Street LS7 – PART-NIGHT

Lower Street LS8

Lower Street LS9 – PART-NIGHT

Lower Street LS10 – PART-NIGHT

Lower Street LS11 – PART-NIGHT

Lower Street LS12 – PART-NIGHT

Maitland Road MA1

Maitland Road MA2 – PART-NIGHT

Maitland Road MA3

Maitland Road MA4 – PART-NIGHT

Maitland Road MA5

Maitland Road MA6 – PART-NIGHT

Manor Road MR1

Manor Road MR2 – PART-NIGHT

Manor Road MR3

Manor Road MR4 – PART-NIGHT

Manor Road MR5 – PART-NIGHT

Manor Road MR6

Manor Road MR7 – PART-NIGHT

Mary McArthur Place MP1 – PART-NIGHT

Mary McArthur Place MP2

Memorial Ground MG1

Memorial Ground MG2

Millfields MF1

Mill Hill MH1

Mill Hill MH2

Mill Hill MH3 – PART-NIGHT

Millside MS1

Millside MS2 – PART-NIGHT

Millside MS3

Millside MS4

Mount Drive MD1

Mount Drive MD2 – PART-NIGHT


Mount Drive MD4

Mountfitchet Road MF1 – DECOMMISSIONED

Mountfitchet Road MF2

Mountfitchet Road MF3 – PART-NIGHT

Mountfitchet Road MF4

Mountfitchet Road MF5 – PART-NIGHT

Mountfitchet Road MF6

Mountfitchet Road MF7 – DECOMMISSIONED

Norman’s Way NW1

Norman’s Way NW2

Norman’s Way NW3

Norman’s Way NW4

Norman’s Way Footpath NW5

Norman’s Way Footpath NW6

Norman’s Way Footpath NW7

Park Road PR1

Park Road PR2 – PART-NIGHT

Park Road PR3

Park Road PR4

Park Road PR5 – PART-NIGHT

Poulteney Road PR1 – PART-NIGHT

Poulteney Road PR2 – PART-NIGHT

Priory Drive PD1 – PART-NIGHT

Priory Drive PD2 – PART-NIGHT

Queen’s Close QC1 – PART-NIGHT

Queen’s Close QC2 – PART-NIGHT

Queen’s Close QC3 – PART-NIGHT


Rainsford Road RR2

Rainsford Road RR3 – PART-NIGHT

Rainsford Road RR4


Rainsford Road RR6

Rainsford Road RR7 – PART-NIGHT

Rainsford Road RR8

Rainsford Road RR9 – PART-NIGHT

Rainsford Road RR10

Recreation Ground RG1

Recreation Ground PNL

Recreation Ground RG3 – PART-NIGHT

Recreation Ground RG4

Recreation Ground RG5 – PART-NIGHT

Recreation Ground RG6 – PART-NIGHT

Recreation Ground RG7 – PART-NIGHT

Recreation Ground RG8 – PART-NIGHT

St. John’s Crescent JC1

St. John’s Crescent JC2 – PART-NIGHT

St. John’s Crescent JC3

St. John’s Crescent JC4

St. John’s Crescent JC5 – PART-NIGHT

St. John’s Lane JL1

St. John’s Road JL2

St. John’s Road JR1 – PART-NIGHT

St. John’s Road JR2 – PART-NIGHT

St. John’s Road JR3

St. John’s Road JR4 – PART-NIGHT

St. John’s Road JR5 – PART-NIGHT

St. John’s Road JR6

St. John’s Road JR7 – PART-NIGHT

St. John’s Road JR8

St. John’s Road JR9

St. John’s Road JR10 – PART-NIGHT

St. John’s Road JR11

St. Mary’s Drive SM1 – PART-NIGHT

St. Mary’s Drive SM2 – PART-NIGHT

Station Road SR2 – PART-NIGHT

Station Road SR3

Stoney Common SC1

Stoney Common SC2

Stoney Common SC3

Stoney Common SC4

Stoney Common SC5

Stoneyfield Drive SD1 – DECOMMISSIONED

Stoneyfield Drive SD2

Stoneyfield Drive SD3 – PART-NIGHT

Stoneyfield Drive SD4

Stoneyfield Drive SD5

Sunnyside SS1

Sunnyside SS2 – PART-NIGHT

Sunnyside SS3

The Campions TC1 – PART-NIGHT

The Campions TC2 – PART-NIGHT

Water Lane WL1

Water Lane WL2

Water Lane WL3

Water Lane WL4

Water Lane WL5

Water Lane WL6

Water Lane WL7

West Road WR4

West Road WR5

West Road WR6

West Road WR7

Wetherfield WE1

Wetherfield WE2 – PART-NIGHT

Wetherfield WE3

Wetherfield WE4 – PART-NIGHT

Wetherfield WE5

Wetherfield WE6

Wetherfield WE7 – PART-NIGHT

White Bear WB1 – PART-NIGHT

White Bear WB2 – PART-NIGHT

Woodfield Close WC1

Woodfield Terrace WT1 – PART-NIGHT

Woodfield Terrace WT2 – PART-NIGHT

Woodfields WD1

Woodfields WD2