Permits Needed for Stortford Refuse Site

Permits Needed for Stortford Refuse Site

Find out how to get a permit to use Bishop’s Stortford Recycling centre

Hertfordshire Council now requires Essex residents to apply for a permit when disposing of home waste.

The permits allow residents to access four of the County Council’s sites:

Permits are free, valid for 12 months, and can be applied for at Hertfordshire Council’s website

Domestic waste only

Essex residents are ineligible to apply a van permit. Vans owners are excluded from the domestic waste permit scheme, which is aimed at household waste.

Permit holders on arriving at a recycling site will have their permit checked and their waste. Operators will turn away suspected commercial, industrial or excessive waste.

The prohibition also includes rubbish from charities and organisations.

You can find find out more about Hertfordshire County Council’s permit scheme by heading to the local authority’s website.


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      To apply for a permit, head over to the Hertfordshire County Council website:

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