Highways Round-up: Nov 2023

Highways Round-up: Nov 2023

Read on for news of the proposed village-wide HGV scheme and Essex Council’s new Highway tzar…

Essex County Council are preparing to meet representatives of the communities of Stansted, Elsenham, Henham, Ugley and Takeley ahead of a consultation into the possible re-routing of HGV traffic away from Grove Hill. An alternate route has been suggested that would see HGVs pass instead via Hall Road.

Costly safety improvements to this route would be needed before this would be considered a viable option by Essex Highways. Alternative routes are unlikely to be welcomed either by nearby communities, who are sensitive to a proposal that could see HGV traffic pushed their way.


There is pessimism also about the implementation of traffic calming measures for High Lane. At a Highways sub-committee meeting in October, County and District Councillor Ray Gooding says the proposal is currently being reviewed. He reported the problem here rested with High Lane’s status as R2.

Roads are ranked according to the prioritisation given to vehicles over other road users and pedestrians. High Lane would need a R3 rating for calming measures. But even if the Lane’s was recategorized downwards, this could pose further problems. As an R3 road, maintenance and repairs would be de-prioritised along High Lane.

New Highways Tzar

News that Essex County Cllr Lee Scott has made way for Tom Cunningham as cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Sustainable Transport, offers hope that a fresh pair of eyes may view the troubles of Grove Hill and High Lane in a new light. The Parish Council has written to welcome Cllr Cunningham into his new role and invited him to visit Stansted to see the problems first hand.

And finally, in light of reported near misses the Parish Council has asked the Local Highways Panel to conduct a study into determining the best location for a Zebra crossing on Forest Hall Park. The highways panel is tasked with delivering road casualty reduction schemes and measures requested by local communities. The absence of a crossing is putting the lives of school children at risk on the development.

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